Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a week!!

Okay within this past week we have had family and friends come to visit. I picked up my cousin Fa'anoa and Edney from Tucson. They were here on a little summer break from college in Nebraska. It has been awesome catching up with my cousin who was born and raised in American Samoa with my dads family whom we really do not know. She has been able to tell me stories about them and about what she experienced growing up there. It made me sad to think of all the family we do not know. We did some geneology as well and found my grandpas sister, and both of my great-grandparents from my grandpa. There has always been a mystery where the last name Allen came from exactly and all this kind of thing but we are a few steps closer! We've been going to the gym and conversating in the sauna which by the way is an awesome place to have deep conversations. Anyway then Pago got home and was busy body preparing himself for camp which he left for today. It was crazy to watch the news about the Cardinals and to know it was concerning him. He made weight this morning cause they had weigh ins so he took us all out to eat at Olive Garden. That guy is always sharing his success with all of us. Then my old room mate from Texas came through town on her way to her first coaching job at Lee College. We have been catching up like old times it has been awesome. I forgot that I once upon a time played Division I college volleyball. Hahah...really it was amazing to reminisce on the good ol days of workouts and weights. She reminded me of a time that I fell off the treadmill at the school gym during one of our workout sessions. Hahahhahahhahah!!! We all piled up in Kalias 3 bedroom house it was a tight squeeze but it was awesome to be surrounded by so much love!

Now we are off to our Farnsworth Family reunion at the Southern Utah University Mountain Center in Cedar City, Utah. It is going to be a great time. I really am looking forward to it. We have lots of fun activities and programs to enjoy as a family. It will be the first major event since grandpas passing so it will be difficult to once again remember that he is not there to watch him dance with grandma and pull pranks on us but he will be here in spirit. I love my family.

I pray life is treating you all well. I love you and goodnight. Oh and the picture at the top is from a family reunion in Utah before my parents split and I remember this family reunion as being the funnest thing I had ever done in life up to that point! ha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its about that time!

Its official ladies Im getting my ass to the gym! Its been a long time coming but the motivation has arrived! I always knew that if I could find it in myself to move forward that I would be more than happy to take my ace to the gym everyday! I have to tell yall that Im nervous I love lifting weights but the cardio game not my favorite so much!! I hope to see results sooner than later but only time will tell. Hopefully Ill be bringing sexxy back for real. Heres my first step to getting closer to where I want to be! Aight talk to yal later. Oh and this is just a little flic from California missin the beach like crazy!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wow wow wow!!

Okay its been forever since I've made a post on this thing and I want to get back into it. So here I go! Nothing new over here on this side of town. I decided against going to summer school so I do have the summer off which is nice but I cant sit still so I have been reading a great book titled Honolulu really good. Also, Im getting out some old text books and researching more into what is going with some disorders that I have recently grown excited about. Weirdo I know but I cant get enough of it. The other addiction as of late is to the Man vs. Wild show on the Discovery channel Bear Grylls is amazing! I really think I might know what it takes to survive the outdoors...okay yeah right...but the show is still awesome. Oh I also got this henna tattoo on my hand for fun at first but now its like a dark brown color and out for the world to see its weird. I did it to try it out but now Im kind of like what were you thinking putting it dead in the center of your hand. Anyway thats me Nani never a dull moment. Well Im excited mom is coming up to visit today for about a week I believe so this will be the best week ever. I am glad she is getting away for a while she needs it. So really for the rest of the summer work with my kiddos and hang out with family. Alright well lovies its been nice sharing some love and info with you all talk to you all very soon. Love you!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tamietti Modeling Agency

This mail box is from my Grandparents home in Canelo, AZ.

Mom and her babies..Miss Cheezy and Miss Attitude
Winter was really not having this picture but its still cute.
Okay doesn't Aydin look a little like Fergie right here!!

So in our family we like to start them know making that money!! HAHA I forgot that the last time I was in Sierra Vista I made Aydin and Winter model in the back of Grandma Rena's house. To my astonishment the photos came out beautiful not because of the girls but because I took the photos. Their so gorgeous and its cute cause you can see them smirking because I kept telling them to work it!!

Enrichment Night pictures of the crafts I made.

Tau and I need to take a new picture to put in this frame.

This is my favorite!!! Let me know what you ladies think.